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The DePixelator by BUMBLEDUCK Game Studios.

We’re proud to release this original iOS game. Available now, only on the App Store!

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A forgotten supercomputer from 1983 has grown self-aware and PIXELATED the world’s art masterpieces in low resolution. Use your street artist skills and technological wizardry to defeat the computer and its microBOTS… DEPIXELATE the worlds paintings and SAVE THE PLANET!


Guide Felix, a digital street-artist, through multiple museums taken over by the evil SIRBOT and his microBOTS. Each painting has been pixelated and only Felix can DePixelate them to restore each masterpiece.



Over 20 challenging levels in 6 museum! Unlockable powerups, challenging enemies, great graphics, music and addictive gameplay!

Many unlockable items using in-game currency, NO IN APP PURCHASES REQUIRED!





-the Bumbleduck